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Financial Tracking
Premium Accounting

Aspire offers complete financial tracking capabilities. Any activity that affects financial tracking properties of a policy is recorded with complete and detailed audit trail histories.

Each addition or alteration to payments, payment schedules, or premium made in Aspire is tracked and time-stamped. This feature not only assists in tracking productivity and user errors, but also allows an end user to view a snapshot of a policy as of a certain date or time.

The financial tracking system allows for easy entry of payments, corrections, premium disbursements, checks, and deposits. Aspire boasts full premium billing capabilities, while also supporting premium financed or prepaid risks. In addition, Aspire has account current and bordereau capabilities.

Some of the many features found in Aspire’s Accounting module include:

  • Direct Premium Bill (including document generation)
  • Premium Finance (including document generation)
  • Account Current(including document generation)
  • Bordereau Transactional (including document generation)
  • Draft Disbursements
  • Commission Statements (Individual or Account-Based)
  • Variable Commission Capability for Production-based Activity
    • Check Draft Issuance - Production
  • Other Custom Implementations as Required
  • Policy Level Transactional Elements
    • Automated Billing Generation upon policy issuance. Automated Billing Generation upon Endorsement processing Automated installment schedule adjustment to accommodate policy level transactions

Aspire also offers comprehensive analytical capabilities to generate reports that are critical to your business operations. Aspire includes a suite of reports that are ‘stock’ to the system. Or we can customize any report that is necessary to your business profile (provided the data for that report is captured).

Some of the ‘stock’ reports include:

  • Written and Unearned Premium Reports
  • Production Reports
  • Premium Accounts Receivable
  • Premium Accounts Payable
  • Incurred Loss Bordereau
  • Cash paid Report
  • Draft Reconciliation - Single Payment over Multiple Policies
  • Cash Receipts Analysis
  • Other Custom Implementations as Required