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Financial Tracking
Premium Accounting

Aspire also adds convenience by affording an Excel© CSV, as well as an Excel XML, function for all detail-level reports, allowing for on demand spreadsheet-based data extractions that can be shared with third party professionals, such as accounting firms, to access raw data and perform independent analysis.

Activities performed in the financial tracking areas of Aspire can trigger events in any other integrated component of the system.

The system’s decision-making capabilities are supported by a data infrastructure that allows event notification between any of the integrated interfaces being hosted by Aspire

Aspire will also provide full data export capability to transfer data to your third party General Ledger System through a specified file format, so that all premium and loss accounting information may be consolidated with your independent General Ledger activities.

In all, Aspire offers a comprehensive premium accounting system platform to address all of your premium accounting and analytical requirements.