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Claims Management

Aspire offers a fully-integrated Claims Management System. Through this integration, proper coverage verification is inherent to the system. Thus, the claims set-up process will be held unless a policy is associated with an occurrence. (However Aspire will allow for incident reporting recording the unconfirmed incident for later handling, should the need arise).

This is made possible through Aspire’s comprehensive and sophisticated data retrieval capabilities. Utilizing Aspire’s search capabilities the verification process is quick, easy, and extremely accurate. Since virtually all aspects of the policy can be utilized as search criteria, coverage verification can successfully take place even when only partial information regarding an occurrence is available.

Salient features of Aspire’s Claims Administration module include:

  • Claim Level record keeping
  • Claimant Level record keeping
  • Detail Reserve posting and tracking by coverage and expense type.
  • Detail Paid Indemnity Posting and Tracking by Coverage/Expense
  • Check Draft Issuance - Production Detail Subrogation Posting and Recoverable Tracking by Coverage
  • Notes Index and Diary System.
  • Claim/Claimant Record Document Upload and Attachment Capability (Word© - Excel© -PDF-GIF-JPG)
  • Vendor Profiling and record maintenance by coverage type for: Attorneys, Adjusters, Investigators, Appraisers, and any others as may be required.

Aspire will also provide full data export capability to transfer data to your third party General Ledger System through a specified file format, so that all premium and loss accounting information may be consolidated with your independent General Ledger activities.

In all, Aspire offers a comprehensive premium accounting system platform to address all of your premium accounting and analytical requirements.

  • Paid Loss and Adjusting Expenses
  • Outstanding Loss and Adjusting Expenses
  • Individual Claim Detail Reports
  • Instant Policy Loss Run
  • Claim Bordereau Report
  • Claim Loss Analysis by Coverage Type, Line of Business, Territory, Producer, etc…
  • Subrogation - Loss Transfer Recoverable Report
  • Ceded Reinsurance Reports
  • Reinsurance Recoverable Reports
  • Triangulated Analytical Reports and Projections
  • Other Custom Implementations as Required