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Aspire is capable of performing data extractions in any required format. Whether the required data format is XML, EDI, DBF, Microsoft Access©, or a host of other variations, data can be extracted to suit any need or communications protocol.

Aspire also offers statistical reporting capabilities to facilitate requisite report generation to bureaus or agencies, such as ISO Mini, Intermediate or Full Stat plans. Similarly, these multi-format capabilities facilitate the import of historical data allowing the Aspire user to access and utilize both current and historical data

Underwriting Rules &
Rate Table Management

Aspire offers powerful client-side utilities providing clients with real-time interfaces to manage various table driven elements of the Aspire System. These utilities allow clients to update underwriting rules tables, rating tables, tax or surcharge tables, classification tables and other similar table driven elements through Aspire’s web-based real-time integration. This affords clients with the convenience to implement immediate changes for their data-driven logic, not losing any valuable time waiting for implementation.

Aspire’s rate and rule table management utility will guide authorized users to establish effective date ranges for revisions to logical tables, and only apply such changes for eligible transactions based on the criteria defined by the user. Additionally, Aspire will maintain and make available a full and detailed audit history for every element within any logical table.

Document Handling

Aspire's paperless document retrieval system offers a host of practical and money-saving benefits for the client to promote efficiencies and help develop a “virtual office” environment.

Simply stated, document-handling capability is integrated throughout the Aspire Information System platform, permitting the client paperless retrieval or upload of documents for associated policy records.
Aspire supports a variety of document and image formats, including Microsoft Word©, Microsoft Excel©, Adobe PDF©, JPEG, JPG, TIFF and GIF file formats.