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As part of its comprehensive approach to security, Aspire offers clients the capability to audit any activity performed within the Aspire environment. Every transaction processed throughout the Aspire suite is recorded and dated with the ID of the user who processed it, allowing for a complete audit trail of the transaction.

With today's fast-paced business environment, agility and quick reaction are essential to managing a successful business campaign. When things go awry, Aspire’s versatile audit features provide a cost effective venue to identify issues and provide a forum for solutions.


Aspire offers an expansive suite of analytical reports, which are customized to the end user's criteria. Aspire's data capture capabilities, and its ability to access and assimilate data, allows the client expansive diagnostic and analytical tools, including the ability to evaluate revenue models, develop projections and monitor industry exposure. More importantly, because of Aspire's intrinsic date and time management, triangulation features are available as well.

Aspire also adds convenience by affording an Excel© CSV, as well as an Excel XML, function for all detail level reports, allowing for on demand spreadsheet-based data extractions that can be shared with third party professionals providing services to your business operation.

With Aspire's intuitive capabilities and comprehensive data management features, Aspire gives you the resources to evaluate your business portfolio, and build a sound business plan one 'building block' at a time...