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Aspire enjoys unique status in the industry attributable to its high level of front-end configuration capability developed for each client implementation. Aspire is a, proven, unified, standards-driven platform on which each implementation is built, with the option for varying levels of customization, when needed.

Aspire's proprietary technologies are carefully considered with each client to ensure systemic capabilities are deployed in a manner which most effectively fulfills the client’s needs. Aspire offers complete design integration for each client to ensure every aspect and feature of its business structure is supported and monitored.

Aspire also responds to speed-to-market urgency, delivering system build-outs quickly through its uniquely flexible backbone engine, allowing Aspire to be quickly configured to support even the most specialized implementations.

Unlike similar 'off-the-shelf ' products, Aspire makes available the ability to use all facets of its technology in the most effective manner, as recognized and specified by the client. Furthermore, the technology is branded to the client corporate image, allowing Aspire to transparently support and bolster a client's business image.

With the role of Aspire being defined and established, clients enjoy the ability to utilize transparent accessibility to all aspects of information necessary to monitor, act, and react to emerging trends and developments.

Most importantly, because Aspire boasts a robust backbone with a highly configurable front-end delivery, it offers the client an environment where further function and capability can be designed to better address these developing trends. As a real-time web-enabled technology platform, all features of the Aspire system are available around the clock, 365 days a year, and can be accessed from anywhere a web connection is available.

Aspire's ease of use, manageability, and flexibility also enhances the client’s business profile, attracting additional production and adding to the bottom line. The detailed level of analysis available through Aspire allows for better regulation of production behavior, ensuring professionalism and continuity at all levels, thus providing your clientele a higher quality end product.

Since Aspire’s backbone platform is common to all clients, Maple Technologies team of developers can continue to enhance Aspire, adding new features and functionality, keeping Aspire's capabilities at the very cutting edge, and serving clients faithfully and flawlessly.

At Maple Technologies our clients are our most important assets.

Our mission is simple: to deliver technology solutions that are tailored to meet our clients’ needs and fulfill our responsibility as an important business resource provider.