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When it comes to licensing, our agreements are straightforward and no-nonsense.

At Maple Technologies we want our clients to be comfortable and confident in their relationships with us. Our goal is not to build a clientele list, rather to forge partnerships, long-term partnerships, supporting every aspect in the building of your business and in the realization of your business plans. As a result, our terms are geared and focused on the long-term horizon, but you the client control every step of the journey.

When it comes to pricing, our fees are competitive and cost effective. We offer a variety of scalable plans, which are sure to fit any budget.

Corporate Ethics &

At Maple Technologies we recognize the importance of confidentiality with regard to our client's intellectual property and proprietary information. Our Corporate Ethics and Security policies seek to establish a culture of openness, trust and integrity in business practices. As such we have defined a rigid code of policies that support this effort in assuring and promoting that culture.

For more information on our Corporate Ethics and Security Policies visit our website at and click on the link at the bottom of the home page entitled 'Our Corporate Ethics and Securities Policies'

Take a
Test Drive

Why not test-drive the Aspire System? We offer a scaled-down mono-line version of our Aspire Information System, so you can see how intuitive and effortlessly procedures are performed.

Our commercial automobile demo system will offer you the ability to process and edit applications, perform data validation, perform underwriting validation, bind and issue policy documents, perform policy endorsements (including out of sequence endorsements), process premium accounting functions, perform cancellations, perform reinstatements, process claims, run analytical reports, perform CSV data extractions, retrieve or upload documents (in a paperless environment), just to name a few of the highlight functions in our demo system.

You will experience first-hand how easy it is to use the Aspire System, and how smoothly it navigates information from every aspect of a policy.