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What do your system platform and operating processes say about your company?

  • Fast, accurate customer service?
  • Financial reporting integrity?
  • Compliant with the most recent regulations & financial disclosure rules?
  • Flexible and responsive to market shifts, client demands and regulation changes?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a systems provider who already knows your core business and can concentrate on those issues unique to your operation?

Maple Technologies builds integrated scalable system solutions for its clients, who represent almost every sector of the property and casualty insurance industry. Maple Technologies is uniquely staffed with systems professionals with years of experience specifically in the insurance industry.

Are you certain that your company is performing well in these critical areas?

  • Fast, accurate customer service - Have your clients told you that you perform well?
  • Financial reporting integrity?
  • Financial reporting integrity - Up to date, immediate access to historical information with secure audit trails?
  • Compliance management - Prepared for a review or audit by regulators, or auditors with ten days' notice?

Growing your business and making profits has always been a challenge, but today you are faced with the additional demands of compliance oversight, expanded fiduciary responsibility, client privacy issues and more.

A system that provides accurate, compliant and verifiable information is your best ally in boosting bottom-line performance and complying with the complex web of regulatory and fiduciary responsibilities.

Maple Technologies is focused on helping you grow, profit, and remain compliant, by providing a customized information system solution that is built according to your specifications and that embeds critical detailed process into the workflow and data capture.

A comprehensive and strong technology based platform is essential to administering any business portfolio, especially those that entertain high volumes of business. Maple Technologies designed and developed the Aspire Information System, a custom designed platform for the insurance industry by insurance and technology professionals affording continuity of cutting-edge technology with practical insurance insight, fully configurable to virtually any property and casualty business model.