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User Permissions &
Security Architecture

When data is made available over the Internet, precautions must be taken to ensure integrity and security. To preserve integrity and security Maple Technologies has developed a comprehensive user and permissions architecture from the ground up and built around Aspire and its users. Aspire enforces its permission policies continually through its architecture, performing real-time validation on the front and back-end as tasks are performed.

Furthermore, access to Aspire data or functionality is customizable, and completely definable by the client. This is possible through the meticulous approach Maple Technologies took in designing the permission architecture.

For example, new users are introduced into the system without authority to view data or perform tasks. A designated administrator must specifically grant the new user permission and may further expand or limit levels of access to data and functionality.

This effectively ensures those with access to the system can view only the data they are permitted to view, and perform only the tasks they are permitted to perform. In fact, the implementation of the architecture is so sophisticated and precise, that for any given task performed on Aspire, there is a minimum of two verifications performed. In addition, these verifications are performed every time a task is executed, regardless of whether the task had been executed previously in a given user session.

In short, the architecture makes no assumptions, ensuring the safekeeping of the data and functionality.

Although permission validations are continuously performed by Aspire, system performance is not compromised. This is accomplished by utilizing carefully structured queries as well as the latest database technologies. With these tools Aspire is able to offer the necessary security without sacrificing performance.

Aspire maintains a comprehensive user login history, offering full audit tracking capabilities. This affords the ability to track which users logged in, when they logged in, and what actions were performed.

For added security, Aspire’s permission policies can be imposed to limit access, for a particular user or user group through specific computers or workstations. This control further promotes security and password integrity.

In addition to a fixed user and permission architecture, Aspire further enforces security by mandating all client server communications over SSL, utilizing 128-bit encryption. To accomplish this, Maple Technologies maintains certificates from Networks Solutions, one of the industry leaders in SSL certificate distribution.