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Underwriting System &
Policy Administration

Also, the risk is immediately assigned a policy number, and all required transactional documentation is made available at the point of sale (such as policy issuance, certificates, and other required documentation).

Policy administration is trouble-free with Aspire.The user interfaces are intuitive and easy to use. Any given transaction that takes place in Aspire, once the necessary data has been supplied, takes a fraction of a second to process.

In fact, in addition to having the capability of generating any document necessary for policy management, Aspire is also capable of reproducing any document processed, subsequent to the initial generation of the document. Policies, endorsements, notices of cancellation, notices of reinstatement, notices of nonrenewal, policy forms, manuscript forms, and any other policy documents produced by Aspire can be recalled, viewed on screen, emailed and/or printed, effectively providing a paperless operating environment.

Aspire makes all aspects of the risk available for viewing on a single screen. By creating a centralized information conduit linking underwriting, accounting and claims data, Aspire offers highly efficient policy information management.

Some of the features in Aspire’s Policy Management Administration module include:

  • Electronic Application Processing
    (Including versioning capability)
    • Company-Based Application Processing
    • Producer Based Application Processing
    • Consumer Direct Application Processing
    • Pending Application Editing
  • Electronic Underwriting
    (with automated underwriting referral capability)
  • Pending Risk Submission Referral Queue
    (including versioning)
  • Approved Referral Queue
    (including versioning)
  • Electronic Underwriting Risk Determination and Class Definition
  • Rating
    (mono-line and complex algorithms).
  • Scheduled Experience rating.
  • Terrorism Rating Scheduled Rating Manual Override
  • Capability Quoting
    (including quote versioning)
  • Approved Application Queue Risk Binding
  • Insurance Binders
  • Automated Sequential Policy Number Assignment
  • Policy Issuance
    (including State specific matrices)