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Underwriting System &
Policy Administration

  • Support special policy premium features such as surcharges and special taxes.
  • Policyholder Administration
    • Endorsement Submission
      (including versioning)
    • Pending Endorsement Editing
  • Endorsement Submission Referral Queue
    (with automated Underwriting referral capability)
    • Endorsement Submission Approval Queue
    • Policy Cancellation
      (Pro-rata / Short rate)
    • Policy Reinstatement
    • Policy Conditional Renewal
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Endorsement Binding
    (including document generation)
  • Out of Sequence Endorsement Processing
  • Underwriting Notes Entry and Management Diary
  • Document Attachment Capability
    (Word© - Excel© - PDF - GIF - JPG)
  • Document Library and Maintenance
  • Paperless Document Retrieval
  • Automated policy renewal processing capability.
  • Lost Data Recovery Feature
    (Connection Interruptions)

Aspire also offers data entry convenience to users through a sophisticated copy and paste feature. Input of long schedules and copious data can be time consuming and tedious. With Aspire’s copy and paste functionality, that effort is significantly reduced. This versatile feature is easy to use.

Simply organize an Excel© spreadsheet so that the columnar formats reconcile with those within the Aspire schedule view screen, add the first scheduled item record row in Aspire, then copy the formatted data in the Excel© spreadsheet and paste that content into the first cell of the schedule record.

Aspire will handle the balance of the data entry requirements for the entire schedule, usually in a matter of seconds.

While the data is being copied and pasted into the interface, Aspire is busy at work, classifying the risks and applying all associated rating factors based on applicable underwriting rules. The copy and paste function, classification, factor development and similar tasks are completed quickly and efficiently.

When dealing with large schedules of insurance, Aspire often completes in seconds what has traditionally taken hours of data entry using this productivity feature.