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Underwriting System &
Policy Administration

For multi-line users, Aspire also enhances user data entry convenience through a single data entry portal servicing multiple policies. A user will only be required to enter data once, despite the fact that that data may be required for multiple polices.

For example, in the instance of a 250- location property schedule, the user may use Aspire’s powerful copy and paste feature for the initial data entry. Once processed, that schedule is also migrated to the GL section for the schedule of hazards, and if the submission also involves Umbrella coverage, the schedule is similarly migrated to the Umbrella section without the need for the user to reenter all of the data.

Once all data entry has been completed, and the risk submission is bound, Aspire will issue all of the associated policies through a single binding action. Policy retrieval is equally powerful, allowing for policy record retrieval on an account basis, detailing each policy of insurance associated with that client record.

Aspire’s comprehensive and sophisticated data handling capabilities are not just limited to inward bound data. Aspire makes available a quick one-button Export feature for any schedule of insurance. If a third party requires a risk schedule and all of the columnar detail associated with that schedule (and is not an Aspire authorized user), Aspire provides an Export button on every schedule view pane. Simply clicking this button will instantly create an Excel© CSV data extraction in seconds, which can be provided to the intended recipient.