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Batch Processing

Aspire’s powerful batch processing capabilities can bring automation to an entirely new operating level. Aspire supports batch transaction processing for each of its core modules (where batch processing services are applicable).

This can further and significantly enhance operational efficiencies, automating processes like policy renewals, regulatory compliance notices, direct bill and invoicing.

Aspire runs batch algorithms at predefined intervals, validating eligible policy records for a specific batch process. Once the batch process is completed, a notification is forwarded to the user who initiated the batch process notifying them that the batch process has been completed and that it is ready for distribution.

However, Aspire also employs logic to the batch process to protect you from erroneously including records in a batch process that should not be included. For example, Aspire may be running an automated renewal batch-processing job, processing the transactional renewals eligible for a given interval of expiration dates. However, perhaps during the course of the current underwriting year revisions were made to underwriting rules, which now make certain existing policies no longer eligible for renewal.

Although Aspire will process the renewal application, it will not bind the coverage, as the renewal application has failed the underwriting validation process. Such applications will be placed in an underwriting referral queue along with descriptive information detailing what underwriting rules were not met, so that each may be reviewed and acted upon by an actual underwriter.